Adderall Street Names

Adderall street names

Like all amphetamines, Adderall has the effect of increasing blood pressure and blood flow making the user alert and focused. It gives off the sense of well-being which is another part of the high that is attractive to so many drug abusers.

Many prescription drugs that have made their way on to the streets and sold for profit to drug dealers have their own nicknames. For example, the powerful opiate narcotic OxyContin that is prescribed for moderate to severe pain will sell illegally on the streets as, “Cotton,” “Hillbilly Heroin,” “Kicker,” or “OCs.”

The following are the street nicknames for prescription brand, Adderall:

  • Beans
  • Black beauties
  • Dexies
  • Pep Pills
  • Speed
  • Uppers
  • Christmas trees
  • Beanies
  • Double trouble

Adderall Addiction Treatment

Withdrawal from Painkillers

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Adderall withdrawal can be extremely unpleasant. It can be so uncomfortable that people start taking the drug again in order to relieve these symptoms. In order to limit withdrawal, you should not stop taking it suddenly or without your healthcare provider’s approval and supervision. Adderall can cause physical and psychological dependence. Your healthcare provider can slowly decrease your dose at a rate that helps minimize withdrawal symptoms.

It is possible to treat Adderall withdrawal in an inpatient rehabilitation facility as well as on an outpatient program. These types of options for the treatment of drug addiction are to help in aiding the withdrawal symptoms and to facilitate a higher level of success in overcoming drug addiction.

Are You Addicted to Adderall?

Adderall is one of the most widespread, addictive and readily available drugs today.  Regular use results in physical and psychological damage and dependence.

There are thousands of people that have used, gone through treatment, and now live normal, healthy lives. If you or someone you know is an Adderall user, most likely they are already an addict or are quickly becoming one.

There is hope…  Please call our helpline at 1 (888) 858-5709. We are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have about Adderall addiction treatment. We are here to help.

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