Harms of Recreational Adderall Use

As prescription drugs gain popularity and access to them becomes easier, recreational drug abuse of medications like Adderall is becoming more commonplace. Prescription medications may seem like a safer option than street drugs, but prescription medications are just as addictive and dangerous as street drugs when misused or abused.

Determining If Adderall Use Is Abuse

One main difference in recreational drug abuse and prescribed drug use is the dosage. The dose of a medication takes into account the frequency of use, the amount of use and the method of administration. Without the instruction of a medical professional an Adderall user may take the drug periodically and believe this is a safe method of use. In reality inconsistent use can cause the user to become overconfident and comfortable with a potentially dangerous medication. Improper administration such as injecting or snorting crushed Adderall may lead to serious life-threatening consequences. By taking too much Adderall at once a recreational user risks overdose.

Exploring Why Adderall Is Being Abused

Adderall is a medication used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and it is possible that someone suffering from this disorder may try to self-medicate. This is dangerous, because you may be misdiagnosing or ignoring other problems that have a safer or more effective solution.

Some people use Adderall as a study tool to increase concentration. Using Adderall this way can cause you to become dependent on its effects to pass a class. Peer pressure is another reason many people use Adderall. They may look to recreational Adderall abuse as a means to fit in with a certain social circle. If those closest to you are encouraging the improper use of prescription drugs, they are not looking out for your best interests, health or happiness. Find friends who do not enable an addiction.

Recreational Adderall use may seem to help a person cope with stress or pain. Underlying issues such as physical or emotional trauma may lead a person to use Adderall and potentially develop an addiction. Speak with someone about depression or anxiety disorders, before they in turn cause addiction.

Adderall Abuse and Addiction Signs

The following are signs of Adderall abuse and addiction and indicate that an individual is at risk for the harm that comes with recreational use:

  • “Doctor shopping” or going from doctor to doctor for more prescriptions for Adderall
  • Lying about an illness or vacation to obtain more pills
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms or the rebound effect when stopping Adderall use suddenly
  • Purchasing without a prescription
  • Taking larger doses more frequently or incorrectly

Over time excessive Adderall use will lead to tolerance which is when the body needs more of the drug to attain the same effect. Physical and mental dependence will occur, and these involve a belief in a deep and unexplainable need for the drug. Withdrawal symptoms will occur, if a dependent person tries to stop using Adderall.

End the Harm of Recreational Adderall Use

Don’t let recreational Adderall use get out of hand. Call our toll-free helpline now for more information on how to recover from drug abuse or addiction. Feel free to call 24 hours a day. We want to answer your questions about addiction and recovery and help you find any treatment resources you may need.

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